Something else – Serene.

Despite spending our time here in Vancouver and sort of rather still being in that vibrant and hectic environment of the city, we make our travel plans and feel that we need time for ourselves in between. Each of us. We made the decision carefully to quit our lives at home, stepping into something almost completely new without even having a clear plan on how this will be. However, we keep on learning, about ourselves, from inspiring people we meet, from new tasks we take one. Keeping the discipline of writing a blog is one of them. Learning how to promote the other.

So this is our first attempt in taking part of the photo challenge, with this weeks topic Serene – sharing a visual moment of blissful quiet!

Well, immediately we could think of nothing else then our recent snowshoeing hike to the backcountry of B.C., the Elfin Lakes Shelter in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The vastness of this land, covered in snow, no traces other than those you break. Silence, as soon as you stop talking, just the whispering of the wind. Crispy cold it was, exhausting it was, but so rewarding to enjoy the moments far out there! Have a look:

Elfin Lakes
The silence of the snowy forest…

About the picture: shot with Canon EOS7D, Canon EFS 10-22, little adjustments via Adobe Lightroom. Credits to MEC Vancouver for taking us out on this amazing field course!

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